Program Updates

We have new enhancements and features for this years program!


Job Positions

At registration, companies can provide their own job positions (up to 15).


Companies will be recognized at the celebration and on the website based on company size.

  • 500 + Employees
  • 100 + Employees
  • Under 100 Employees


Companies will receive a job position comparison report that shows each survey question results side-by-side compared by job position.

Departments Locations

At registration, companies can add up to five additional departments/locations. This is ideal for organizations that have separate locations, multiple locations with separate employees/cultures, large organizations with defined departments, or large companies with over 500 employees.  Each department/location will be recognized separately if applicable.  *There is a $50 charge per department/location


Awarded companies will be in the following year’s community and relocation guide. They will also be displayed in additional locations on the CB Chambers website.

Let’s make positive impacts on the lives of your employees together.

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