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It is more important now than ever to understand the value of company culture.

The best way to measure company culture is through employee satisfaction surveys. These should be conducted at least annually.

Employee satisfaction surveys allow companies to see where their strengths are and what areas have room for improvement.

More importantly, employees want to know that they are heard and valued. Providing them the means to communicate is essential. It is encouraged to also share company results with employees. Seeing their company’s strengths will help them feel connected to the organization. Inviting them to be a part of the solution to identified problems provides them with an additional sense of connection, truly feeling heard and valued.

Participating in UNbelievable Workplaces not only gives companies the power of identifying these strengths and areas of improvement. But, it provides companies with public recognition, tools to improve culture, and marketing tools to help recruit needed workforce.

Click on the documents links to understand the questions that will be asked and how the results data will be shared.

This is just the start of the UNbelievable Workplaces program. Resources, tools, publications, and celebrations are all included with registration fees.

It is important to know what will be surveyed and how results are delivered.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Open the link below to see a sample of the survey questions.

Survey Results

Open the document below to see a sample of the survey results report.

Comparison Results

Open the document below to see a sample of the comparison results report.

Why Do You Enjoy The Program?

It was a nice way to acknowledge businesses for the good things they are already doing with employees. Most employers never hear the nice comments.

Alisa – Bloomworks

It was user friendly. Confidential. The questions were adequate. The tracking system was very good, and the results presentation was excellent!

Walter – Council Bluffs/Omaha Bridges Out of Poverty

At CEV, our tagline is “lead with love.” This is as equally important in our organizational culture as it is in the work we do. Without a strong, healthy organizational culture, organizations cannot survive, let alone thrive. The UNbelievable Workplace program allows for annual check-in with organizational culture – ensuring we are continuing to lead with love within our own walls.

We also liked the ability to utilize this as a marketing tool for the organization.

Cara – CareerEdvantage

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